Young Ned is a character in Series 1 of Round The Twist.


Skeleton on the Dunny

While Nell was overseas, Ned was looking after the Lighthouse. When Nell returned all she found was a skeleton on the dunny.

Bronson is the first to see Ned who is pointing at something, when Bronson tries to tell his family no one believes he has seen a ghost.

While Linda, Pete and Bronson wait together on the dunny, Ned pulls the walls apart to reveal Nell's missing painting hidden in the wall.

Unable to speak, Ned uses body language to tell Pete, Linda and Bronson that he is sorry for scarring them. Ned was only trying to tell them about the painting. He waves goodbye as he floats away.

While examining the painting Tony, Pete, Linda, Bronson and Nell see Young Ned sitting on the dunny and he winks at them.