Tony Twist is a main character in Round The Twist.


Tony is a father of 3, an artist, and the owner of the lighthouse. He's a widower; his wife died in an accident 4 years earlier. Tony becomes romantically interested in Bronson's schoolteacher, Fay James. He is regularly embarrasses his children. Tony prides himself as quite the artist, and makes sculptures out of any random items. Tony also has a lot of weird hobbies.


Series 1 - Nell's Ancestors

When Pete Twist brings home a Santa offering every member of the family 2 wishes, Tony makes a wish for someone special to come and take him away. Fay arrives with 2 tickets for a concert. Tony then whispers his second wish in Santa's ear, before he and Fay leave. 

Series 2 - Shipwrecked Ghosts

Series 3 - The Viking Book of Love

Series 4 - Ariel & Atlantis


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