The Nirandathal Beast is episode 32 of Round The Twist.


When Bronson uses the old family razor before he's ready, it causes him to grow a huge beard. No matter how often he tries to shave it off, it keeps on growing. Mistaking the hairy Bronson for the Nirandathal Beast, Gribble puts together a mob to hunt him down. Harold and Matron start up a motel business after Harold reads the Viking Book of Love to Matron. Tony and the Twist children struggle with Fay's first Mother's Day.





  • Matthew Molony as The Beast
  • Adriano Cortese as Con the Barber
  • Rosemary Johns as Woman in Window
  • Christopher-Robin Street as Student
  • Simon McSweeney as Reporter
  • Ken Weaver as Hunter
  • Stuart Fraser as Hunter Driver #1
  • Russell Frost as Hunter Driver #2
  • Rick Tonna as Hunter Driver #3
  • Margie Bainbridge as Conservationist