Skeleton on the Dunny is the first episode of Round The Twist.


The Twist family move into their new home in a lighthouse and soon discover that the outhouse is haunted. Meanwhile, the estate agent Gribble and his family visit the lighthouse - although he'd be happier to see it demolished and replaced with something 'decent' instead. Nell suspects that Harrold may have stolen an old painting, which she could have sold to avoid needing to sell the lighthouse.


The series introduces the Twists: Dad Tony, twins Pete and Linda and their little brother Bronson travelling in Tony's old-looking Ute as they head off in their new home which is the lighthouse in Port Niranda. Tony convinces the kids that everything will be perfect in their new home.

When they arrive at the lighthouse, Bronson who was dying to go to the toilet which is an outhouse a fair way from the main lighthouse building. Haunting music plays from the top of the lighthouse as Linda, Pete and Tony listen but when they enquire with their new neighbour, Helen 'Nell' Richards, she says she can't hear anything. Suddenly Harold Gribble arrives with wife Cecilia 'Matron' Gribble their son James and his friends Tiger and Rabbit. Harold officially welcomes the Twists to Port Niranda.






  • Based on the short story of the same name from Unreal!
  • 'Twist and Shout' is performed by Richard Moir, Tamsin West, Sam Vandenberg and Rodney McLennan