Seeing the Light is episode 26 of Round The Twist and the final of series 2.


As the Twists, the Gribbles, Fay, Fiona, Rabbit, Tiger, and Nell are all trapped in the lighthouse in a storm, Linda hears the voices of the passengers of the SS Niranda, that sank on the rocks near the lighthouse a hundred years earlier.

The lighthouse ghosts realise that the conditions are right for them to change what happened in the past, and Matthew possesses Pete in order to light the lamp and save the ghost ship and be reunited with his lost love Jane.





  • Brenda Waite as Ghost Jane
  • Glynis Jones as Ghost Mother
  • Jessica Collins as Ghost Children
  • James Caccetta as Ghost Children
  • Patrick Brennan as Ghost Sailor


  • The end credits features scenes from all the previous episodes of the second series.