Linda Twist is a main character in Round The Twist.


Linda is the middle Twist child and twin to brother Pete, they live with younger brother Bronson and father Tony in a lighthouse. She is not only the smartest and most resourceful of her family but also the only female in the Twist family - until her father marries Fay. Her hobbies include feminism, environmentalism and judo.


Series 1 - Nell's Ancestors

In The Gum-Leaf War Linda receives a parcel containing make-up. Embarrassed about how poorly she applies her new make-up, when Linda is on her way to wash it off her face, her brothers give her a fright and she falls down the stairs. Linda ends up with a broken nose.

While having an operation she dreams of her nose being big, so she escapes to the country with her Aunt Tuneless. She discovers that anyone who plays The Wild Colonial Boy on a gum-leaf from a certain tree can pass any illnesses onto others. When a fire wipes out all but one gum-leaf, Linda uses it to be rid of her big nose forever.

Linda awakens in the hospital after her operation with her nose fixed and a gum-leaf in her hand.

Series 2 - Shipwrecked Ghosts

Series 3 - The Viking Book of Love

Series 4 - Ariel & Atlantis