James Gribble is a character in Round The Twist.


James is the only son of Harold and Cecilia. He is the ringleader of the Gribble boys who include his two yes-men friends; Tiger and Rabbit. The Gribble boys antagonise the Twist children, especially Pete, every chance they get. James doesn't care what girls think as long as they're into him.


Series 1 - Nell's Ancestors

In A Good Tip for Ghosts, while on an outing with his father and two best friends Rabbit and Tiger at the garbage tip, James tells Bronson the story of Old Man Chompers. James finds some false teeth to use on Pete for the 'Gribble Nerve Test'. When Pete passes, James tells Pete he must go back to the tip at midnight to return the false teeth and to bring back the skull from the middle of the pond to prove he went back. After Pete and Linda retrieve the skull, they with the help of Old Man Chompers, plan to scare James. Old Man Chompers dumps the skull out of an old sack at the foot of James' bed and exclaims "this is a present from Pete". While James repeatedly calls for his "daddy", Old Man Chompers picks up the skull and this time dumps it next to his head and declares "this is a re-Pete".

Series 2 - Shipwrecked Ghosts

Series 3 - The Viking Book of Love

Series 4 - Ariel & Atlantis


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